Tony’s Auto Parts
A one-act play (70 minutes)
Stage reading at the Downtown Arts Festival NYC
(4m & 1f w/optional 3m & 1f)

A young man’s innocence is eroded by a world of theft, sex and prostitution. Come visit Tony’s Used Auto Parts. THE BODY PARTS FOR SALE HERE ARE MORE THAN AUTOMOTIVE. Who can you trust? Who can you depend on? This is a realistic tale of the underbelly of this covert business. While the city’s police are frantically searching for the Mayor’s stolen car (with the Mayor’s secrets in the trunk), the junkyard emerges as a place where secrets are well kept and men carve their relationships with one another with hard language and a deep sense of loyalty — or not. Mature theme

A full-length play (90 minutes)
(2m & 1f & one child or puppet)

Kyle is a homeless vet in self-exile from humanity. Out of the cosmos, dropping like a thud into his life, appear two saviors. Natasha, with her own demons to put to sleep, connects Kyle again with his own compassion. Newspaper Doll, fashioned from Kyle’s past, presses him to his limits like an angel having a temper tantrum. And is that Napoleon I see laughing at the whole thing?

A one-act play (25 minute)
Produced by the Brick Playhouse, Philadelphia
(selected for the BEST of IT)
(2m & 2f includes waitress)

Temptation, crossing the line, betrayal. giving in. One weak moment and your whole life changes. What will these people do now that that moment is upon them.

My favorite. This is an actor’s play. One simple set that can be moved around. This play is in two forms. One with a waitress who sings, moves about the stage at transitional moments and the second is without the waitress.

A one-act play (15 minute)
Produced by the Brick Playhouse, Philadelphia
(1m & 1f)

You come home and find your husband dressed in your underwear. How long has this been going on? Who is this man? Now what? And then there is a knock on the door.

A one-act play (50 minute)
(2m & 3f)

Sam is missing and three women meet to piece together their lives and relationships with him. Mary, a nurturing mother, is his wife for the last ten years with whom he has three children. Joan, a hardnosed, tough survivor with the mouth and attitude of a sailor, is his ex-wife. And Candy, a younger, smartly dressed professional, who has been his mistress during the last 13 years. They create a bond that helps them move on to futures that were not available before they met.

A one-act play (40 minutes)
(3f & 2m)

A middle-class, middle-American couple inherits an adult bookstore complete with ‘live nude girls’. Because Alan lost his job as an accountant and been sitting around the house, Sarah (his wife) insists they run the store for income. But what about their 13 year old daughter? Auburn, one of the ‘girls’, is getting older and longs for a different life. Twinkles, the frenchie girl, is much more in her element. How does a middle-aged, middle-class family cope with an all new environment? Is this any alternative for an out-of-work accountant? What is the way out for a ‘girl’ trapped in a job and life she didn’t seem to choose? And what becomes of the daughter trying to sort out her hormones and relationships?

A short play (20 minutes)
Produced by the Brick Playhouse, Philadelphia
(2m & 1f)

This play is about living life in the danger zone, trying to recapture the moment of regret. Carl meets Suzanne on the commuter train one day. They find a common, soul mate interest in the music of Leonard Cohen. Carl is swept away in the memories that the songs provoke leaving an opening for Suzanne to invite him back to her place with the premise of listening to some bootleg recordings. What will Carl do when Suzanne suggests that she be his ‘Sister of Mercy’? The resulting experience pushes Carl to the limits of sexual and emotional excitement. Desparate to quiet the urge rising in hime, Carl confides in his friend, Bill, who subsequently dies in a skydiving accident. Returning to Carl, Bill tries desperately to bring him back down to earth to get a grip on ‘reality’ and what is at stake pursuing this ‘crazy’ woman.

A short historic play (15 minutes)
Presented at the Landmark Historic Society
(3m & 1f)

A historical play featuring Anthony Wayne, Elizabeth Powel, John Wister and Dr. Philip Physick. A party is hosted by Anthony Wayne in his garden at his home. Elizabeth Powel, the wife of Philadelphia’s first mayor and hostess of very high reputation, is charming Anthony when John and the doctor show up and disclose a little lie that Anthony has been foisting on Elizabeth. This play is meant to give insight into who each of these historic characters were in their public and personal lives.

A one-act play (35 minutes)
(5m & 2f)

Sammy-Boy is a teddy bear who witnesses betrayal after betrayal. Passed from one relationship to another, he slowly deteriorates to a tattered heap on the street. From the beginning when he is a gift to Sally, he watches her betray her marriage to Kurt and eventually witnesses their break up. He passes through the hands of two waiters who have their own fidelity issues unfolding. Eventual showing up as hood ornament on a trash truck where three sanitation workers take sides and fall short of their agreements with each other. Sammy’s left on the street for Margaret to find. Her betrayal comes from society. Finally, Sally finds Sammy-Boy in pieces left on the sidewalk. She stops, recognizes Sammy and reflects on her own pain and regrets. This play is designed to be done with one set. Four of the actors can play two roles each. Review it and let me know if it can be adapted to your needs.

Come About
(10 minutes – 1m & 2f)
(20 minutes – 3m &1f)
Danny & Flo
(10 minutes – 1m & 1f)
(20 minutes – 2m & 2f)
Later Sport
(10 minutes – 2m & 1f)
(5 minutes – 2m & 1f)
(5 minutes – 3m)
(10 minutes – 3m & 1f)
(10 minutes – 1m & 1f)