I wrote and directed a short (18:24 minute) play, Risk. It won Best Film at the Sanford Meisner Film Festival and is an Official Selection of the Ojai Film Festival. I used actors from the Meisner Technique Studio in SF and shot it entirely in the Bay Area. I love this little film.

The core of this script comes from a play I wrote almost 20 years ago. It is about how taking a risk to be intimate with another human being can provide an opening for something new and life affirming. I have been a tremendous Leonard Cohen fan since 1969. He spoke to a whole generation and to me personally about a deep yearning that has never left me. The lead actress understood Suzie so clearly it was as if we were actually living these people. It was a connection that provided something beyond the film itself. This film speaks to that basic human connection, that yields such comfort and peace, giving the audience their own respite from their personal daily grind.