“All people living the lives they desire with courage, passion and creativity.”


I am an actor, scriptwriter and filmmaker.

I have acted internationally, in the Philadelphia area, in the Bay Area and NYC including appearing in an American Opera Projects world premier of Anthony Minghella’s Cigarettes and Chocolate, presented in NYC, Stukke Theater in Berlin and the Ensemble Theater in Vienna. I, also, performed in Three Postcards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. My film credits include Twelve Monkeys, Philadelphia, Shovel, The Life and Times of Charlie Putz, I Was on Mars, The Ride (Sonoma Film Festival) and I was the principal role in an episode of TV’s Medical Detectives. As a playwright, a staged-reading of my play, Junkyard, was produced by the American Opera Projects for the NYC Downtown Arts Festival. Three other plays, The Lie, Risk and Wine Country were produced at the Brick Playhouse (Philadelphia). I am a past Vice-president of the Board of Trustees of the Playwrights Foundation (San Francisco).

And I have owned and operated my own business since 1981 (Great Impressions/Greener Promotions). As with many people who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, I was active in the pursuit of social justice and environmental sustainability. The last 10 years have brought about a deep rekindling of those values and convictions that got so lost in the pursuit of the ‘American Dream’. Currently I am involved with many organizations that are a fulfillment of these values and convictions to the world.

I’ve been married for 36 years to Pat Usner.

One other thing I enjoy telling people is that my wife and I have over 1000 skydives between us. We’ve jumped from a helicopter, biplane, hot air balloon, a Super Constellation, a Boeing 727 and various other aircraft

Making a Difference

Actor/Playwright – Theater opens doors to something that has not yet been imagined. It provides the portal for people creating new possibilities for the world.

Greener Promotions – A promotional product company specializing in products that keep in mind environmental and social justice. Carefully chosen products seen on this site will have you feeling comfortable knowing that your money is a vote for your values. I am the president of this company since 1981.

The Pachamama Alliance is a social-profit organization with a mission “to preserve the earth’s tropical rainforests by empowering the indigenous people who are its natural custodians and to contribute to the creation of a new global vision of equity and sustainability for all”. In 1989, my wife, Pat, and I took our maiden trip into the rainforests of Ecuador and immediately fell in love with the people and the environment. Committed to supporting the people we visited there, we set upon looking for an organization working in that part of the world. Years later (1996) we were introduced to the work of The Pachamama Alliance and became contributing members. In 2004, Pat was hired as their Development Director and we radically changed our lives and the coast we were living on.

Awakening the Dreamer Symposiums is part of The Pachamama Alliance designed to fulfill on the second part of our mission. The intention of the Awakening the Dreamer program is “bringing forth an environmentally, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on the planet”. As a certified symposium facilitator and volunteer with The Pachamama Alliance, I am a vital part of the work of this organization.

Rainforest Trips – How much better could life get? I get to lead people on a transformational journey into the deepest parts of the Ecuadorian Rainforest. An extraordinary experience. When I first visited the rainforest in 1989 I could actually feel the jungle vibrating to the very core of who I was… that primitive, raw, interconnected part of me. No one comes away from this journey the same as when they started.

Playwrights Foundation – of San Francisco is a social-profit organization dedicated “to discovering and supporting emerging local and national American playwrights”. I am a past Vice-President of the Board of Trustees and continue my support of this organization. Prior to this I was the Administative Director of the Philadelphia Dramatist Center. It is my belief that theater opens doors for people so they can see a new possibility for themselves and the world.

My Life Job Description

(what people are counting on him for):

Stirring the Pot of Possibility
Demonstrating Risk and Excitement
Always stepping Outside the Box
Leaving room for everyone to be Expressed
Being Unattached to the Results

I stir the Pot of Possibility… and I don’t care.